• Robin Patterson
    "Welcome To Magical Mushrooms!

    Your aim is to pick mushrooms and find the matching items!

    You have 10007 Free Games Remaining

    Pick Mushrooms! (Free Game)"

    Anyone else saved up ten thousand?

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  • Robin Patterson

    Gold from friends

    September 29, 2013 by Robin Patterson

    You know how hard you try to click at just the right time for the one or two gold pieces friends can get, every 12 hours or so?

    I sometimes wonder how accurate is the information you get. Tonight I clicked on the usual place and was told that one friend had had gold "unclaimed for 13 seconds". Within about 2 seconds of that appearance, i.e. about 15 seconds after it had allegedly become available, I clicked to claim it. Imagine my irritation on being told:

    "Sorry, there's no Gold in Janice's profile right now!
    "The last Gold was found there 19 seconds ago (by another Gold hunter!)"

    Logically, that means it was claimed by someone else 3 or 4 seconds before it was available to me.

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  • Robin Patterson

    "Did you know? If you had a Red Butterpillaflora growing in your Garden (sprouting, but less than an hour old) then this caterpillar would have gone to form its chrysalis on it, and later would have become a beautiful butterfly! (Please see the Wildlife Guide for more information about Fairyland's caterpillars and butterflies!)"

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  • Robin Patterson


    January 4, 2011 by Robin Patterson

    Just posted on the official forum (the thread about mushrooms):

    My garden gets a Pegasus every few days (and the occasional lesser mythical animal), and some go unspotted. Badgers similarly. That mushroom will stay there until we go legendary, which will be many weeks away if ever!
    And I contribute to the fansite
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  • Robin Patterson

    I love this game

    April 27, 2010 by Robin Patterson

    You can devise your own strategy to suit your personality.

    You can play at your own speed (though visiting for at least a couple of minutes once a day will minimize wilting).

    You get rewarded for helping other players.

    Nobody can destroy what you have built up.

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