• Name meaning:
  • Available in March
  • Price: FREE (gifted item)
  • Rainforest saved: sq ft
  • Care level:
  • Wilts if not watered for:
  • Dies if not watered for:
  • Flowers after:
  • Bears fruit after:

Effect on WildlifeEdit



Other points to noteEdit

This is special for "Earth Hour", nominally available for planting only up to 27 March. but actually available for a day or two later. When planted, even if 27 March has gone, it will produce this message: "Once fully grown, the Earth Flower will allow you to 'turn out the lights' in your Garden in support of Earth Hour (8:30pm Saturday March 27th.)" (2010) Don't delay for ever, though. If you accept a gift of one in June, expect a message like this: Sorry - that gift has expired. The Earth Flower can only be planted until Earth Day (April 22nd)