Herbalism is a side-activity in My Fairyland on Facebook, not affecting progress through levels, that can earn you more gold. There are ten types of herb that you can grow. New types become available as you progress up the levels. Each herb, once harvested, can be used to produce a specific Magical Elixir. It requires a particular wand (which is the same for every fairy, so ask around unless the one you want is listed here). It also requires a fairy-specific combination of one liquid (free) and one type of fairy dust (which costs you).


Firewater, milk, tincture, and water. They have longer names, but those names are distinctive enough for writing in recipes.

Fairy dustEdit


Producing one Gold means you got one part of the formula correct. If you are sure about the wand, then both the liquid and the dust must be wrong. Don't try either of them again.

Producing two Gold means you got two parts of the formula correct. If you are sure about the wand, then either the liquid or the dust must be right. Each future trials should include just one of them with something else that has not been eliminated by a 1-gold result.

Each time you discover a new recipe, you get at least 10 Gold (and more for each subsequent recipe).

If you discover all ten recipes your fairy will receive some SuperPowers


(Note: the Brown Bunny likes any fragrant or flowering herb; but the Bee Eater and the Ostrich dislike all of them and the Red Squirrel dislikes all of them except the flowering NestFlower.)

Name Level Wand Trials Growth daysEffect on wildlife
NestFlower 1 Standard 5 8 Lop-eared Bunny dislikes stems and flowers
Thornbloom 2 Secret Wish 5 8 Lop-eared Bunny likes flowers and fruit; Hare likes leaves
Sundragon 3 Naughty 8 Hare likes leaves; flowers deter Hedgehog a little
Spring Crown 5 Naughty 8 Flowers deter Wren
Snowstar 6 Super Butterfly 8 Flowers deter Yellow Wagtail
Nightrose 7 Sunshine
Mountain Whisper Standard Hare likes leaves
Moyogi Bonsai Secret Wish
Chie Bonsai Super Butterfly
Taiyo Bonsai Sunshine

Thanks to Ken and Sirius From S. Africa for list of wands and the Elixirs:

Nestflower: Beauty; 
Thornbloom: Health; 
Sundragon: Strength; 
Spring Crown: Good Fortune; 
Snowstar: Success; 
Nightrose: Creativity;  
Mountain Whisper: Happiness; 
Moyogi Bonsai: Love; 
Chie Bonsai: Wisdom; 
Taiyo Bonsai:Life