A few players on Facebook have set themselves the task of visiting every garden in Fairyland. Only a million or so!

Here we can list links and updates in a form possibly easier to follow and find than in the Facebook forums.

Sarah and Scarlett Knight (UK)Edit

Scarlett Knight (UK) is an experienced fairy who has decided to travel the world. Check her profile and find her human's blog! See the Forum topic. On 17 August 2009 she reported having visited 26,014 gardens...!!!!! But in early October she passed 50,000. (On the way, she found the first dragon that had ever been spotted in Plimmerton Paradise!)

Wow robin, this is impressive!!

we have indeed passed the 50,000 mark, we are rapidly approaching the 52,000 mark and show no signs of stopping!! And we were very excited to find the water dragon in plimmerton paradise (it is one of our very favorite gardens which draws us back again and again..)

we started our tour way back on the 1st of january 2009 and over 9 months later we are still plodding along and loving every minute of it,xxxxx

Lynsey and BELLAEdit

"I am on a mission to visit all gardens and fairies in fairyland.Starting date 21.02.2009."

Progress report in mid-August 2009 said "1779314 ... 50,121".